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The software automatically dials CIC through your modem, instantly transmitting you orders and automatically retrieving all new reports.

Full Windows™ capability with familiar, easy to use features.

Select search type and location with a click of the mouse.

Instant on-screen Help available when you need it.

The main ordering screen allows you to:
  1. Select the types of reports you want 

  2. Enter applicant information 

  3. Initiate your modem and send/receive completed results 

That's all there is to it! Your completed reports will be returned to you via modem for you to view, print and/or archive for future reference.

Download a demo of the software.

INTELLICHOICE® is a registered trademark of INTELLICHOICE, INC.

Personal information submitted to INTELLICHOICE is used for identification purposes only and is not sold, loaned or provided to any other agency or source which is not directly involved in your transaction.